AST PRO Fulfillment Manager

AST PRO Fulfillment Manager is advanced digital fulfillment manager for WooCommerce and provides your customers an easy way to track their orders. AST provides and helps WooCommerce store owners to automate the post-shipping orders flow, reduce the time spent on customer service, improve the post-shipping communication with their customers and to increase the overall customers satisfaction.

Advanced Shipment Tracking (AST) lets you add tracking information to orders and to provide your customers an easy way to track their orders.

AST helps WooCommerce store owners to automate the fulfillment workflow, reduce the time spent on customer service, improve the communication with customers and to increase the overall customers satisfaction.


Easily add tracking numbers to orders – Easily add tracking information to your orders, AST lets you add the tracking from the WooCommerce orders admin or from a single order admin, we also allow you to mark the order as Completed when adding the tracking information.

Customize the Tracking info widget – you can fully customize the fluid responsive tracking widget that will display on the order notification emails, and the View Order page on the order customer accounts

Tracking Per Item – Add Tracking numbers to orders and attach them to line items, you can also split line item quantities and to add tracking numbers to specific line item quantities. The tracking per item info will display to your customers on the shipping confirmation email notification and on the View Order Page.

300+ shipping providers with a predefined tracking link –  

Optimize your Fulfillment Workflow – Enable custom order statuses to streamline your fulfillment workflow, use the Partially Shipped to notify your customers when part of their order was shipped, use the Shipped status to notify your customers that their entire order is shipped (and keep the Completed order status for orders that you do not ship), use the Updated Tracking to notify your customers if the tracking number changed for their order, and if you connect your store to TrackShip, automatically update your orders to Delivered when they are delivered to your customers.

Customize the Custom Order Statuses Emails – use a customizer with a live preview to customize the “Partially Shipped” and “Shipped” custom order status emails. Remove unnecessary order information from the emails and display only the relevant information for and a way to track the order.

Shipment Tracking API Endpoint – The plugin adds a shipment tracking endpoint to the WooCommerce REST API. You can use this endpoint to update the tracking numbers and fulfill your orders from any external system such as fulfilment warehouse or shipping labels services or any custom app. The shipment tracking endpoint is compatible with the tracking per item option and you can even automatically change the orders status from Partially Shipped to Shipped when all order items are fulfilled.

Bulk import tracking numbers from CSV file – if your shipping service provides the tracking information in CSV files and you want to avoid manually adding them into orders, AST provides a quick and easy interface to import multiple tracking numbers to orders in bulk from a CSV. 

Built-in Tracking integrations with Shipping Services – Tracking information will be automatically added to AST’s shipment tracking meta fields when you generate shipping labels with ShipStation, WooCommerce Shipping and ReadyToShip

Fluid Responsive Tracking widget – fully customized responsive Tracking info widget that is added to the Shipping Confirmation email notifications and displays on the view order page (My-account). 

Custom Order Status “Shipped” – enable a custom order status Shipped and use the Completed order status for virtual orders that you do not ship (Support for stores that sell digital products and Physical products)

Customize the Custom Order status Emails – You customize the fulfillment workflow  email notifications and select which information to include in each Order Status Email.

Compatibility with many WooCommerce and WordPress Plugins – Custom order numbers, WPML, PDF invoices, Email Customizers..