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Advanced Order Status Manager

The Advanced Order Status Manager allows store owners to manage the WooCommerce orders statuses, create, edit, and delete custom Custom Order Statuses and integrate them into the WooCommerce orders flow.

You can create unlimited order statuses for a seamless fulfillment flow, The custom order statuses will be used in your orders list, integrated into the order actions or bulk actions menus, you can choose to send email and to customize it using email customizer with a preview.

Key Features

  • Customize the WooCommerce core and custom order statuses labels, colors and action buttons
  • Create custom order statuses depending on your fulfilment workflow
  • Enable email notifications for the custom order statuses and customize them using a customizer with a preview
  • Add the custom order statuses to the order actions / bulk actions menus
  • Include orders with custom statuses on the WooCommerce reports.
  • Mark order statuses as “Paid” to include download links, purchase notes, or other features when customers view these orders.
  • Option to set which are the next statuses in your orders flow to add these actions active in the order actions menu.
  • Display order status descriptions to customers on the “View Order” page to explain order status
  • Import existing custom statuses created by custom code or by other plugins.
  • Safely delete custom statuses without losing orders. We will let you assign the custom statuses to existing order statuses when deleting custom order statuses or when deactivating the plugin.
  • Drag and drop orders statuses to re-order the statuses in your admin for a clear view of your order management workflow.
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