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General Settings


You can choose

  • Display location details in processing order email
  • Display location details in order received page
  • Display location details in Order details page
  • Additional content on processing email in case of local pickup orders

Custom Order Statuses

The Advanced Local Pickup for WooCommerce plugin allows you to setup a “Ready for pickup” and  “Picked up”  custom order statuses. You can set each custom status font and label color and you can enable email that will be sent to your customers once the order is changed to that status.


PLEASE NOTE – If you use one or more custom order status, if you deactivate the AST plugin, you must register this order status in function.php in order to view these orders in the orders admin. You can find the code snippet to use in functions.php here or you can update all your orders that use custom statuses back to “completed” before deactivating the plugin.

Code Snippets

Code snippet for create custom order status

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